Vertical Drilling

At JDH we believe safety is a 24/7/365 proposition at both work and home.

A longtime leader in the telecommunications and small civil construction industries, JDH Contracting, Inc. (JDH) now includes vertical drilling capabilities in its robust services menu.

How We Can Help You 

Fully licensed and bonded

Capable of drilling 18” to 14’ diameter holes up to 120’ deep

Site preparation and restoration services

A fleet of tracked vertical drilling rigs

Provide casing for cohesion-less holes

Offer associated turnkey and job layout services

Low Mast assembly available for tight overhead clearance scenarios

All in-house fleet operated by experienced drilling crews

Experience with wet hole and rock conditions

Drilled foundations and caissons including all concrete work and tying and placement of rebar

Proper handling and disposal of excess drilling materials and spoils

All aspects of associated concrete work (including flat work)