Our Company

The success and growth of JDH Contracting is based primarily on our ability to change, grow and adapt to the needs of our clients – while maintaining the basic core values upon which we were founded and continue to operate.

On January 4, 1995, John Harris formed John Harris Construction, Inc. The initial vision of the company was to provide site excavation services to the growing cellular tower industry. Those services included site leveling, stone entrance roads, concrete equipment/building slabs and footers, underground conduit installation for the power and telecommunications industries, grounding installation, and tower foundations. The company also provided general excavation services including water and sewer installation, erosion control and general grading.

The name of the company was changed to JDH Contracting, Inc. in June of 1997 to reflect the wide range of service offerings. Now, JDH Contracting continues its emphasis in the wireless industry with tower erection and maintenance services and a continued focus on communication services such as fiber optic aerial/underground installation, splicing and design. The company also continues to expand its civil construction division including municipal and commercial site infrastructure services, soil erosion control,

The addition of vertical drilling has added yet another dimension to the service portfolio of offerings all intended to provide our customers with the widest array of options designed to fit their project needs.


By stressing the company values to each employee and providing professional and timely service, JDH has been able to forge strong relationships with a growing family of clients including regional utility providers, national communication carriers, state and local municipalities, government entities and a variety of commercial operations.


John Harris continues as Chief Executive Officer and maintains a personal involvement with all aspects of the business. Our company has invested heavily in management experience and in the company’s capacity to better serve its growing variety of customers by expanding its staff, equipment and business operations as well as opening the location in Kentucky. At the same time, JDH Contracting, Inc. remains committed to continuing to provide unparalleled service and value for each of our clients while always holding our own operations to the highest professional standards.