Wireless Installation Technician

Perform the following with minimum supervision or directions:

  • Addition / removal of Common Systems equipment hardware.
  • Addition/removal of wiring and connections (on non-working equipment only).
  • Analysis of work specification and drawing – Job logs, JIM’s Prepare Method of Procedure (MOP).
  • Lead and direct assignments.
  • Perform power verification and power-up of equipment.
  • Read and understand specifications and drawings.
  • Train Level 1 and 2 Installers.

Install Superstructure:

  • Auxiliary framing (support frame, cable racks, ladders, conduit, bus bar, etc)
  • Cable rack deck, cable brackets and fastening material
  • Cable (ladder) racks (ladder, bar, fiber management/raceway, etc.)
  • Cable hole/slot sheeting and fire stopping
  • Frame verticals, horizontals, and terminal strips distribution
  • Miscellaneous hardware guard rails, brackets
  • Isolation pads, fiberboard, etc.
  • Outlets, end of line-up hardware and earthquake bracing
  • Run cabling grounding isolation, ground cable
  • Connect connectors/washers, main ground bar (MGB) and office principal ground point (OPGP)

Install Power Plant:

  • Rectifiers DC to DC converter, inverter and batteries; power distribution board (PDB); battery distribution fuse bay (PDFB); storage batteries, connect and test; fuse panels, power alarms
  • Verify assignments; pull set-ups; run power cabling; sew #6, 4, 1/0, 2/0, 4/0, 350 MCM, 500 MCM, 750 MCM
  • H-Taps, C-Taps, Covers, Power Lugs
  • Install bay and frame AC wiring and lighting
  • Mount, wire, and connect

Install Equipment:

  • Shelves, panels, interfaces, and electronic
  • Cable set-ups, running, forming and label
  • Twisted pair: prepare, strip, fan, place connector, crimp
  • Coax cable and/or pack cable: prepare, strip, place connector and crimp
  • Fiber jumpers, pigtails, cable: prepare, cleave, fuse, polish, and view wiring
  • Termination: crimp, punch-down, wire wrap, cross-connect, bulkhead, etc.
  • Switchboard, transport (DS1-DS3)
  • Telemetry, fuse panel, alarm panel and fiber jumper


  • Termination: crimp, punch-down, wire wrap, bulkhead, etc.
  • Switchboard, transport (DS1-DS3)
  • Telemetry, fuse panel, alarm panel and fiber jumper
  • BDFB Installation
  • Distribute -48V Power
  • Assemble and install

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • 1-2 years of experience in related or equivalent field
  • Basic knowledge of electricity AC/DC
  • Read simple mechanical documentation
  • Understand and use established safety and quality control practices
  • Working knowledge of fiber optics and facilities
  • Working knowledge of transmission and associated equipment
  • Read and understand site installation specifications and drawings
  • Operate, service, and maintain digital transmission and telecom networks
  • Computer literate
  • Follow directions and perform general equipment installation tasks
  • Work alone or within a crew
  • Able to run small jobs
  • Oversee project in progress or completed
  • Ensure quality workmanship


  • High school diploma or any combination of education and experience to meet the job requirements.

Additional Requirement:

  • Must be willing to travel locally or long distance.