Disaster Recovery


National Emergency Response Services

With 20 years of experience responding to disasters nationwide, JDH Contracting, Inc. (JDH) possesses the required skills and competencies needed to complete the largest and most complex emergency response and/or disaster recovery projects. As a leader in emergency response and disaster recovery, JDH has heavily invested in the equipment, materials and human resources necessary to complete any job and will travel nationwide to serve our customers’ needs. JDH emergency response and disaster recovery responses include:


  • Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Ike, Gustav, and Dolly
  • Catastrophic floods
  • Tornadic disasters
  • Oil spill response and clean up (HAZWOPER trained employees;
    Freshwater Oil Spill Control – Tactical and Operational Level 1 trained employee)

Emergency Power Restoration Services

JDH understands the myriad logistical issues that result from power failures subsequent to storm damage. JDH has extensive experience working with large multi-residence housing complexes, industrial facilities, hotels, medical and assisted living facilities, retail outlets, and a wide variety of independent businesses and residential homeowners. Therefore, JDH is proud to offer a wide range of temporary power services, with 24/7 response times:

  • Generator rental and delivery, hook-up and monitoring for 500 KW up to 3 MW units
  • Evaluation, maintenance, and monitoring of existing generator
    systems, including provision of skilled electrical technicians to
    establish, maintain, and decommission services
  • Fuel procurement, delivery, and fueling to ensure around the clock generator operations

Facility Restoration Services

JDH possesses the internal resources and external partnerships required to fully respond to the most catastrophic and comprehensive disaster response scenarios. JDH will clean and restore your facility to its original condition via services including, but not limited to:


  • Structural damage refurbishment
  • Debris disposal and loss identification
  • Facility functionality restoration

Other Disaster Response/Recovery Services

JDH’s position as a full-service construction provider places us in an ideal position to provide the resources needed to suit nearly any need that may arise, in addition to those already served by our temporary power and fueling services. JDH can provide a wide variety of heavy equipment, along with skilled, safety-conscious operators to facilitate any disaster related response/restoration task, including but not limited to:


  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Cranes
  • Dump trucks
  • Fuel trucks
  • Water trucks